Glossary of Terms - Under Development

Anti-Christ - a term that goes beyond just the "one" anti-Christ but can apply to any evil leader who wrecks havoc on people and the planet. For example, some people consider Napoleon and Hitler to be anti-Christs.

Archons - a term from Gnosticism that refers to ancient, evil spiritual beings that control the planet. Can also be used in modern terminology to refer to human "elites" or the spirits that control them.

Christ Consciousness - a New Age term that refers to embodying divine consciousness in a human body; for our purposes, the connection of the soul with the Christ energy.

The Elite - a more "secular" term for big money interests that vie to control the planet - unlike the term "Illuminati," there is no direct occult association with the "Elite."

Illuminati - a broad term that refers to rich elite families and their minions who allegedly want to control the planet; there's also an occult element to the "Illuminati," who are thought to worship Lucifer and use black magic rituals to get and retain power.

One World Government - the plan of the Illuminati to control the entire earth's population with a centralized world government much more powerful than the United Nations.

New World Order - umbrella term to describe the plans of the elite to create the One World Government.