I can higly recommend Stephanies courses and her sessions. She have a knowledge and skill that is wideranging and furthermore she packs a healingpunch that is otherworldly. I have recieved both attunements and telesessions from her and they are all amazing. She is one of those people who know were to go and what to do and when to do it, without hesitation. My feeling about Stephanies services is that they will take you as far as you need to go and further if you want to, There is room for growing with her help and healing systems. My decision to contact her whas the right choice for me on all levels. I feel blessed that some of her knowledge and energies comes my way. She is a bright beacon in a many times crazy world.
-N.T. Shepheard, Reiki Master

I have to admit I felt as though I was doing Stephanie a favor for letting her "practice" on me at first but once we had completed the 40 minute session I definitely felt a shift had taken place.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she knew what she was doing! It made a difference in my life. Less than 20 minutes after the session I had calls from my agent for 2 new bookings. Coincidence? Maybe.
I was also very energetic and motivated for several days to follow waking up alert at 7:30am--hours before my usual.
I do believe a session with Stephanie will help anyone focus on getting what they want in their life.
-David X, Actor

I came to Stephanie after having a terrible time in my business. I was down emotionally and physically too, feeling like a truck had run over me. I was even reluctant to have the healing session , because I was just so down I didn't think it could possibly help me. Stephanie persisted and said - you need this and I let her conduct the healing session over the phone. It was like all of a sudden the tension and fear that had been bottled up inside of me just blasted out of my body! I curled up on my bed while she continued the energy healing until I was like a contented kitten in a big fluffy blanket. She promised me I would wake up and feel "lighter". I did. Lighter, brighter and by 10 am my business was back on its trajectory. My depression lifted and I had enough energy to go out for the day and just enjoy myself which I had been unable to do in three months! Stephanie is now my healer par excellence and I will not ever hesitate to get a healing when I need it. In fact I will not wait so long next time! She helped get me back on track and feeling like part of the living again which was nothing short of plain old brilliant!
-Nikki Douglas, Entrepreneur

...You are a good coach because without you kicking my butt I would never, never have done this...I think that you are so great with people and you have such a amazing charisma...You have such a great influence on me...I'm not kidding...
-Helene Pouliot, Graphic Designer and Artist

Stephanie has been my Coach for about a year now. She's fantastic. The one thing I enjoy most from her coaching is she gets to the root of the situation very rapidly. And we connect on a level that is tremendous. I also get to play Coach as well. It's part of my learning curve. I LOVE her humor and her insight... She's GREAT! She's FANTASTIC. She'll be enjoyed! Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to develop and nourish their life!
-S.M, Coach-In-Training

After reading Po Bronson's What should I do with my life? I was ready to be pro-active about certain decisions I had avoided making. Finding Stephanie and utilizing her skills was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. She helped me find clarity in all of my clouds of grey, calm my 'gerbil-mind,' and gave me words of wisdom to carry with me day after day. I feel confident that I would not have been able to make this tremendous leap in consciousness without her guidance.
A.F., Graduate Student

You have the most amazing energy...I felt a huge difference with your energy and feel like a different person. Slowly I'm beginning to take control of life because of the things you've sent my way...I've learned so much. You're like a blessing to me, you're like an angel.
A.M., Singer