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Affordable Cloth Pads on eBay

  • Posted on: 22 April 2011
  • By: mokshalom

More and more women are choosing reusable cloth menstrual pads over disposable pads and tampons. Reusable cloth pads are better for the environment and surprisingly more comfortable than commercial menstrual pads. And, with concerns over dioxin in tampons, cloth pads are safer too.

Cloth pads require an upfront initial investment, however, and you could spend $100-200 getting your pads. There are some great, inexpensive cloth pad shops on eBay. The nice thing about the price of these pads is that you can test them out without a large upfront investment. Here are a few cloth pad shops on eBay I've tried:

Cindy's Cloth
Cindy's Cloth offers really high quality cotton-top pads. They are extremely well-made and comfortable. Many cloth-pads are topped with fuzzy flannel - but, especially in hot weather, cotton is more comfortable.

MonoMio's Cloth Pad Shop