Simple Living

Simple living is an approach to life that seeks to find balance and harmony instead of excess and overdoing it. The term “voluntary simplicity” also speaks to this modern movement of people who are looking to unplug from stressful lives and create a more sustainable lifestyle.

While voluntary simplicity has its roots in the environmental movement, you do not need to be a card-carrying tree-hugger to benefit from a simple living philosophy.

Simple living may mean something different to you than to someone else. You do not need to throw away your entire lifestyle to enjoy simple living. Personally, I never plan to give up my urban lifestyle, go live on a farm, and learn permaculture. (I'm still not quite sure what “permaculture” actually means, except that I think it has something to do with gardening.)

My form of simple living includes things like: Taking public transportation instead of driving, letting go of material things I don't need or really want, and relieving myself of the pressure to validate my self-worth with money, a big house, or a luxury car.

What does simple living mean to you? Come back soon for more ideas and resources.

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