Do Good to Feel Good

One of the best ways to feel good - genuinely good - is simply to do good! You do not need a million dollars to get started. You can start by helping out the people that you know. Here are some other inexpensive ways to make a difference in the lives of others:

Microlending is a way to help entrepreneurs in areas of poverty by giving them small loans that will make a huge difference in their lives. An organization called Kiva lets you help out for as little as $25. You can choose what projects you support.


Check out these reviews on microlending organizations:

Sponsoring a Child
I sponsor a child in Colombia. Her name is Estefany (a Spanish variation of my name). I sponsor this child through Children International. You have probably heard of these organizations. You send in a monthly donation, and the money gets pooled and sent to the local organization to improve conditions for the entire community.

The child you sponsor receives special benefits through the program, including medical care, education, and sometimes gifts of shoes, clothing, and other physical necessities.

Children International is a respected organization that has a presence in the following countries:

United States
Dominican Republic

I have joined Children International's SponsorThon, and I hope to recruit 25 people to sponsor a child. Please click here to sign up through my SponsorThon link.