Custom Hypnosis Audio

Are you looking for a powerful and easy way to make changes in your life? Hypnosis is extremely effective and change can happen in just one session. But imagine the kind of changes you can make by listening to your own custom hypnosis audio on a daily basis!

My custom audios are affordable and tailored to your requirements.

Here is what you get:

1. A choice between voice only or new age background music.
2. A choice of relaxing location for visualization at the beginning of the audio.
3. A long, progressive relaxation that will help reduce stress and tension and prepare you for the suggestions that follow.
4. Suggestions based on your needs and issues. You can even give me the exact suggestions you want included.
5. Would you like a bell or a chime at the end of the session to wake you up? This can also be included upon request.

So why buy a custom hypnosis audio from me? (Other than the great price?) Are custom hypnosis audios any better than any others? I suggest that they are all pretty darn good. The reason why you should buy one from me, as opposed to Joe Hypnosis over there, is for one simple reason: You like my voice.

Look, you are going to be listening to this audio a lot, so you better find the voice pleasant. I'm not saying my voice is better than anyone else's. I'm saying, take a listen and if you like my voice, then chances are you'll find the audio soothing. Also, some people prefer female voices over male voices and vice versa.

Here is a 20-second audio introduction so you can hear my voice.

Voice Sample - MP3
(Please note, this is a brief sample set at a low "bit-rate" to keep the file small. It is not indicative of the audio quality in the final product.)

You can look around the Internet and find custom hypnosis audio selling for $150 to $200 and up and up! My rates are very reasonable because I record in my home studio. The result may not be as slickly produced as some but you will find the production to professional and quite pleasant.

I hope you will give my custom hypnosis audio a try.

Thank you,


Custom Hypnosis Audio - MP3 Version: $55
(MP3 audio will be completed in approximately one to two weeks from receipt of client questionnaire, barring illness, vacation, or computer meltdown.)