Life Coaching / Wellness Coaching / Well-Being Coaching

My coaching is centered around health and wellness, well-being, life balance, creativity, and life purpose.

My clients seem to share a few common threads. Most are taking the Road Less Traveled. My clients are primarily entrepreneurs, creative types, lightworkers, and rabblerousers who are not following the typical life path but need some guidance as they forge their own unique destinies. Those who are in traditional jobs are often looking for more meaning and fun outside of these jobs.

Coaching is a wonderful way to support achieving life balance and well-being. As your coach, I facilitate (not dictate). We'll meet by phone 2-4 times per month. During these sessions, I'll listen, help you clarify your goals, and keep you on track.

While I do not require upfront contracts for general coaching, I recommend planning on spending at least three months in coaching to get the most value from it.

Coaching can be combined with hypnosis and energy healing to achieve the fastest and best results.

Specialized Coaching Programs
You can choose general coaching or work with a guided coaching program as outlined below:

Life Purpose Coaching Program
Through my training with the Life on Purpose Coaches Institute, I learned a very powerful method of coaching revolving around defining and living true to your life purpose. This coaching program requires a six-month commitment but is well worth it. In this program you will:

1. Create a life purpose statement that truly reflects who you are.
2. Learn to distinguish between having and doing as opposed to being.
3. Unplug from negative "inherited purposes" that unconscious drive you.
4. Use your life purpose as a basis from which to life your life and achieve your goals.
5. Find greater happiness and self-worth through tapping into your higher purpose and living it.

Becoming an Unstoppable Force for Good Program
You won't find this program anywhere else. Unplug yourself from the petty things in life that hold you back and re-orient yourself completely around sharing your gifts with the world. If you have a dream for a better world, but find yourself stuck in your own mire rather than doing something about it, this program is for you.

1. Define your mission: What is it you are here to do?
2. Identify your blocks: What's stopping you?
3. Clear the decks: Remove obstacles and barriers to your goals.
4. Craft a plan: Develop a flexible road map to get you going.
5. Embody your mission to do good in your everyday life.