Ascension Symptoms? Or Something Else?

by Stephanie Brail

There's a popular spiritual mailing list I won't name that I left long ago due to what I felt was its disingenuous content. Unfortunately, a well-meaning friend of mine, not knowing that I purposefully left the list, has a habit of forwarding these and other channeled messages to me regularly. I don't read all of the messages, but once in a while I take a peek and see what's being said.

The general theme is typically "ascension," and it's becoming more and more urgent as we near 2012. "Ascension" is a broad term referring to the new age version of the "Rapture." In the most extreme form of "ascension," all good new age people will "ascend" to a higher earth plane while mere mortal earthlings will remain here, in a living hell. (Real loving, eh, to leave everyone you don't like behind?)

The more benign, milder version of "ascension" refers to the personal experience of becoming enlightened. But it's the more extreme version of ascension that has me concerned. Let me explain why.

One of the common themes of "ascension" is that people who are undergoing it often experience so-called "ascension symptoms." The list of ascension symptoms gets repeated regularly in many newsletters, because it seems we are constantly going through various energetic "gates" or milestones. Each year, it seems we are almost there, but somehow, the deadline gets pushed back, while these milestones keep coming. These energetic gates apparently stress our systems, leading to the so-called ascension symptoms.

The list of ascension symptoms reads like a cross between menopause and madness. According to some, if you are experience "ascension symptoms," you may undergo some or all of the following:

* Hot flashes / cold spots
* Dizzy spells
* Bad dreams
* Fatigue
* Aches and pains
* Indigestion
* Memory loss
* Disorientation / mild amnesia
* Seeing or hearing things
* Laziness / disinterest in normal life
* Inability to cope with regular people and activities

Additionally, you may feel as you are going "insane." Now, why, do you ask, may you be feeling such awful things at all? Because you are supposedly "ascending" to a higher vibration!

Seems a little strange, doesn't it, that apparently the higher vibrational people are getting sick and disoriented, instead of healthier with the new energies?

Unfortunately, I think that the list of symptoms here are those expressed by a woman (probably undergoing menopause) who is deeply disturbed and unhappy with her life. She has, however, managed to justify her discomfort by putting a fantastic new age label on it. And this label says: "If you are feeling these things, you are special. You are different, and you are better than the average person."

Who doesn't want to feel special? Wanting to feel special is a normal, human desire. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel special.

I caution, however, that if you are feeling unhappy in your life, to really be aware that there are people out there who want to take advantage of your pain. They may be undergoing a similar pain, and have found a way to justify it using spiritual hokum. Certain fundamentalists Christians do this by suggesting that they are the "chosen people" who will be taken away in a "Rapture" by the Lord while the rest perish and suffer terrible fates. Certain new age "spiritual teachers" do this by telling you that somehow you are better and different and will "ascend" to a higher plane while the "lower vibrational" people are left in the dust to be punished for their lack of specialness.

Isn't it funny how these two stories are pretty much the same, just wrapped in different religious packages? Extreme versions of this story end up in mass suicide, as people believe they are the chosen ones about to be whisked away by a comet or some other such nonsense.

Such beliefs, as you can see, can be manipulated by charismatic leaders for disastrous consequences.

Clearing Symptoms vs. Ascension Symptoms

That said, you may at times experience "clearing symptoms" if you are undergoing a process of emotional detoxification via energy healing, therapy, or even regular yoga. Clearing symptoms, however, are temporary and usually emotional in nature. For example, you may feel you need to cry more after a therapy session, and this might make you tired and sleepy.

You'll know that it's a clearing symptom because it's temporary and goes away after you have released the emotion. If, however, a symptom does not go away, you may have something more severe. On an emotional level, you may have full-blown depression. On a physical level, you may have an illness. Go to a doctor and get checked out to be sure.

We're All in This Together

Ultimately, I believe that we are all in this together. While I do believe there is such a thing as "higher vibration" vs. "lower vibration," I don't think there is a firm line demarcating the two. Everyone has the potential to become "higher vibration." Furthermore, the higher vibration you get, the more I think you want to help lift the lower vibration people up, not leave them behind.

I just don't believe this notion that somehow there is going to be a new earth that will take away all the good people from the current earth. Part of the spiritual lesson to me is to learn how to deal with a variety of people from all walks of life (and yes, "vibrations").

Furthermore, while I do realize a lot of horrible things happen here, I honestly don't think the current earth is all that bad. In fact, I kinda like it. I like it a lot.

If you are feeling the desire to escape your pain through an "ascension" that's always in some imagined future, maybe it's time to take a good look at your here and now. "Heaven on earth" can be yours in an instant, if you just change your attitude and "love what is," as Byron Katie says.

Best of all, when you change your attitude, there are no negative side effects!



Yes, I think you are right to caution people from falling into the trap of being taken in by spiritual fanaticism, which is just as prominent in the "new age" scene as anywhere. I particularly agreed with this bit:

"I caution, however, that if you are feeling unhappy in your life, to really be aware that there are people out there who want to take advantage of your pain. They may be undergoing a similar pain, and have found a way to justify it using spiritual hokum. Certain fundamentalists Christians do this by suggesting that they are the "chosen people" who will be taken away in a "Rapture" by the Lord while the rest perish and suffer terrible fates. Certain new age "spiritual teachers" do this by telling you that somehow you are better and different and will "ascend" to a higher plane while the "lower vibrational" people are left in the dust to be punished for their lack of specialness.

Isn't it funny how these two stories are pretty much the same, just wrapped in different religious packages? Extreme versions of this story end up in mass suicide, as people believe they are the chosen ones about to be whisked away by a comet or some other such nonsense. Such beliefs, as you can see, can be manipulated by charismatic leaders for disastrous consequences."

Anything that smacks of treating some as special and others as lower is eliteist and off track in my mind. In Love and Light.

Mark Halbert - Nottingham (U.K.)

well, until you personally EXPERIENCE this occurrence, do not discredit what is truly a reality for some. me, i never heard of ascension and vibration etc, but i have had many anecdotal experiences that i do not expect people such as yourselves to ever understand....until you experience it for yourself. you can't speak for everyone dear, so don't knock what you are ignorant of.

I guess my response to your comment would be to ask...what exactly does it mean to be "ascended" anyway? Is the person undergoing the so-called ascension symptoms more "enlightened" than the average person? If you are becoming more "enlightened" as you ascend, wouldn't that make you a beacon of light instead of a "feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances" as George Bernard Shaw would say?

And that is precisely my issue with the idea of "ascension symptoms." Most reports I see on the Internet about ascension symptoms seem to describe people who are losing their ability to function in the world, people who are becoming less empowered than more empowered. Becoming more intolerant of people, noise, chemicals, food, etc. does not seem to be an indicator of increasing well-being. Wouldn't being more "enlightened" mean that you are now more tolerant, more healthy, and more able to handle the negative environment around you?

As such, would such enlightened people be visiting my blog getting upset at what I wrote here? Hm.

Just a thought. :-)


First I'm writing this in a hurry so forgive any typos. For my own personal curiosity I'd love to know which mailing list you left. Like every movement throughout history there are those who get the message that is trying to be conveyed and spread it accordingly, and those that twist it into something that it was not meant to be. I believe you participated in one group whose message is not an accurate representation of what I will call the shift, the awakening, the ascension, beginning of the new world December 21st, 2012, Christ Consciousness whatever. The name is immaterial. What it is about, now there is where the importance in an accurately conveyed messaged lies.

I don't write to change your mind, merely to offer a different perspective. Your journey is your own, and as energy healer you are already participating in that which you have bashed, which makes me giggle. You are an energy worker, a light worker, a healer. The work you do personally is so important to this shift, in helping other people awaken to their own power. Bless you and thank you :D

The Ascension is not about new age rapture, but about the awakening of human consciousness. It is about the message that is sweeping throughout the globe; energy follows thought. You are a co-creator of this reality, call it what you will. It means that you have within you the power to create whatever it is that you want. Activate the energy systems in the body called the chakras (which I'm sure you are already familiar with) and watch the science of magic unfold all with the power of your own mind. Bottom line, what you think you get. We easily apply that to negative things in our lives, now let’s apply it to the positive and watch the fireworks start! We are one. We are interconnected. Separateness is an illusion. The only sacrifice to make is to get rid of this illusion and tame your ego, the false self. But you do all this on your own time, whenever you are ready. Nothing bad happens to you if you don't do this, unless you do something "Bad" to yourself. You are the driver here. You control your entire life. NOTHING has ever been done to you that you didn't allow. It is a process of complete and utter responsibility yet at the same time that means if you are in a shitty situation you and you alone have the power to change it.

No one is getting left behind. It's not some crappy retake of the thought controlling religions. Jump on the bandwagon or don't, it's all free choice. What is being stressed upon us is what we already know, as a global society we cannot continue as we are. The systems we are currently using don't work, that's just fact look around you. It's time for us to create something new and soon before we blow ourselves up. We believe that it’s not going to end in Armageddon but Apocalypse (which is Greek for lifting the veil). That we are as a society are going to wake up, take our power back and start creating and manifesting our intent not just on earth but multi-dimensionally as well. As above, so below. I'd recommend watching the Documentary What the Bleep Do We know, which is a bunch of scientists merging science with spirituality and explaining exactly why you can and do create your own reality, along with visiting authors like Michael Sharp, Cameron Day, visiting the Institute of Noetic Sciences website, reading the book The Mystery of 2012 which is a wonderful collection of essays and articles on this phenomena, watching the trailer for The Shift, reading the book called the Biology of Belief, the list goes on and on.

Now about these Ascension Symptoms. In a way you are right, is it about intolerance of the current reality, because the currently reality sucks. It is unhealthy to our souls, our energy and our bodies. As we begin to "ascend" or rather open our chakras and re-awake the awesome energy system that is our body, we begin to energetically detox. You heal people every day that are going through these same symptoms you just call them something else. It’s all connected. What you also failed to mention when you listed these symptoms is that they are temporary. They don't last very long. I for one have gone through them myself for short periods of time depending on what energetic block I was cleaning up. I find that I am now intolerant of certain smells (like tobacco), I can have a very small amount of caffeine now and I use to drink five, six cups a day (I’m only 28 btw) or certain people who just give off a very negative vibe that I don't like. And there's nothing wrong with not having those people in my bubble so long as I keep spreading the love, the best energetic force in the universe. I ask you what is normal? Shouldn’t I be intolerant to people who lie to me, or manipulate me or to a system that seeks to enslave me and take away my personal power? Is that what you call the normal? A system that abuses the resources of the earth, or builds technology that pollutes and harms my body, then puts those chemicals in my food, deodorant, shampoo, etc, should I not be intolerant to those things? Hmmm….

So, if you’re going to knock something dear one, best to do a little more research first eh? Or not, the choice is yours. :D

The deadline so to speak is December 21st, 2012 for a lot of different reasons. Mayan Long Count Calendar Ends, the Sun, Earth and Milky Way end some galactic cycles and line up perfectly. Magnetic Poles may reverse. There's a lot of scientific evidence from non loony people to back up these claims you just have to look farther than the Niburian Councils mailing list. And yes, you need to use some discernment. Take in what feels right to you and discard the rest. It’s a personal, individual journey and no one teacher has all the answers. I personally believe that December 21st, 2012 will mark the snapping point, where time, which I believe is simply how long it takes thought to manifest into reality, will become shorter and shorter. Which means after that point, what you think you’re going to start getting immediately. Which means if you’re a negative person, it could be an interesting day for you. If you’re moving towards a more positive and I'm sure you can agree energetically healthier mindset for you approach, it's going to be another interesting day. Regardless something is going to happen. What, is simply up to us. Personally I'll go with ascension, awakening, creating and getting what I what that benefits the greatest good of all my fellow gods and goddess on the planet and that's every single one of you reading these words.

Allo :D

To quotes James O’Dea, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, “The phenomenon we are discussing is not an ideological counter to the status quo; it is to be understood more accurately as a quickening in the center of our being - a quickening less susceptible to fear arousal, not condition by the gratifications of competitive advantage, but stimulated by experiences of wholeness, unity, and interconnection. It is what philosophers and theologians call the emergence of nondual consciousness.”

Namaste (i honor the light in you) & Espavo (thank you for taking your power back)

"So, if you’re going to knock something dear one, best to do a little more research first eh? Or not, the choice is yours. :D"

Thanks for your thoughtful response, but I do have 10 years more on the planet than you do and believe me, I've consumed an extensive amount of information on healing, ascension, spirituality and all that New Age jazz. And yes, I've seen What the Bleep.

I started researching this stuff back in 1986 when I worked at the local library in high school.

And yes, most definitely, the mailing list to which I was referring indicated that a certain percentage of "enlightened" people would ascend to a new earth leaving the unwashed riff-raff behind. This is actually not an uncommon theme among the New Age...though there are many variations...the Breatharians actually believe there are three earths:

(At least this model shows healers choosing to stay on the bad earth to help people, while the mailing list I was on seemed to just want to leave the unwashed masses in the dust.)

But I believe we have one earth and that 2012 is going to come and go in the same way 2000 came and went, and the world will be pretty much the same. Heck, I remember back in 1980 when I was only 10 years old, I read in my church bulletin that Nostradamus had predicted the world would come to an end on 11/11/1981. I lived in terror...and then the date came and went without the world ending.

Dates are constantly being bandied about the New Age community and they always seem to come and go without fanfare. 2012 does mark the beginning of the Aquarian Age, but even in astrology there is the concept of the "cusp," which indicates there is never a hard and fixed date between signs but a transition period where energies mix.

So I'll challenge you to come back here in January of 2013 if my website is still up and we'll see who's right, OK?

In the meantime, I know you are excited at the prospect of being all-powerful in your life, but that is not the full story. I remember being 28 and we all feel we rule the universe at that age. Granted, there's a lot of misguided New Age messages out there teaching you this stuff right now, but age and some experience can soften you and make you realize that life doesn't always come wrapped up in a neat little package that we can control.

This whole Secret fad is simply a fad and I know I'm ahead of the curve on it - in a few years a lot of people are going to be coming to people like me because they found out the hard way that they don't control everything.

This to me is not disempowering in the least. I am at peace with the idea of chaos.

As for your intolerance - there are clearing symptoms after healings, yes, but when your energy is stronger, you become LESS allergic, not MORE allergic.

Finally, the idea behind believing that we are somehow at a special place in time and history is an ego-based idea. It stems from that need to be "better than."

Yet, most of the spiritual principles I have studied have been around for thousands of years.

We are not suddenly the "enlightened ones" who appeared after a world in dark ages. We are simply people on a spiritual journey, with a path that has been lit up over the ages with many saints, sages and gurus.

It is your ego that makes you want to be an ascended one who is part of a special time in history. But your spirit is more humble than that and is perfectly OK with the idea of being yet a child with a lot to learn.

Thanks for sharing!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Never believed in Y2K, that sounded like the hype it was. Really don't believe in that tainted message that all the good ascended people are going to go where ever and all the bad people are staying here. That's a completely dualistic and a complete opposition to everything I believe the shift in consciousness stands for. As I said before, no one gets left behind. It's not a test you either pass or fail. It's an adventure, a journey, an experience and you choose what level you wish to partake in. Its that simple. I tend to be a pretty logical, skeptical person at times. I like to see the evidence that backs up the intuitive thoughts I'm slowly starting not to ignore (you know that little voice that tells you to grab something before you leave the house and you don't then you randomly need it later). My belief in 2012 simply comes from the mounting evidence from mystics and scientists alike that points to something happening. Not a specific something, but, something.

You're right, we are not suddenly the enlightened ones. We always have been. My belief in this doesn't come from my ego wanting power and blah blah blah. Trust me, I'm a Scorpio I've seen my ego self and learning how to tame it has been one of the best things that I've ever done, and its a daily process. And while the knowledge that comes with your extended years on the planet is no doubt valueable and something to be shared and learned from, my spiritual experience and belief is not a product of underage delusions of grandeur (of course I can't walk on water. Yet :D).

Science is proving a very simple fact; we can and do control energy. We can and do shape, define and create our own lives. What we want, we can have. And my want list isn't a BMW, a house in the Hamptons or the other materialistic illusions. They resonate much simpler, deeper. It is something that just needs to be experienced to be understood (please refer to the John Major Jenkins quote above).

I'm also not claiming that this knowledge is just all of a sudden popping up now. The ancients knew the truth of this well before we did. I'm simply saying we've reached a cusp in our evolution on this planet, and 2012 will mark the beginning of the end of the world as we know it now. It's not just the new age community claiming it, or random Nostradamus predictions or even Edgar Cayce. One example that comes to mind are the predictions of the Hopi Elders. But whatever, believe in 2012 or don't, the date is as immaterial as the name we attach to it. The message is what's so important. Bringing in your higher self, activating your chakras and connecting, now that's the good stuff. Of course your website will still be here January 2013. So will all of us (those who choose to be anyway). In fact I'll probably be working on the 22nd. As I said, I believe that date will simply be the bang point, the marking point, the point where we'll start seeing magic right before our eyes. And I think its important to remember that Einstein was correct, the same consciousness that created the problems can't solve them.

But in the meantime, really look at the world around you. Really look. Go lie down in the grass and take a deep breath and breathe it in. You're telling me that on this magical planet, what we have now is the best we can do? That the purpose of human existence boils down to a few short decades, working the system, having a few meaningful relationships then dying and doing who knows what? Really? That's all? That doesn't feel as wrong to you as the Matrix? I invite in creative chaos that is not what bothers. But we live in a times of controlled chaos (and that's a whole different discussion right there).

Of course crap happens. Imagine the world like one big canvas and everyone is painting on it. Eventually someones brush stroke might bled into your picture. Its how we react when that happens that is key. Do we get angry, and mad and vengeful? Or do we go with it? Forgive, love, giggle and keep painting?

I could be wrong, either way I'm creating my own reality. But I don't think I am. And even if this grand date of December 21st, 2012 pans out as another Y2k I don't think the biology of belief can be ignored anymore. The power of our own minds over our bodies and our lives is amazing and needs to be let out and shared. I don't believe it is my ego talking when I claim a simple perfection of my self and refuse to engage in the black and white duality of right and wrong. It doesn't mean I'm still not a seeker of knowledge. It doesn't mean I don't look out at the world with the eyes of a child, sucking it all in awe, wonder and humility (I still blow bubbles in my soda in at restaurants okay, I'm like five at times) It doesn't mean I think I'm better, or more than anyone else. I am merely a reflection of you. Part of you. Every thing. And No thing. Rule the universe? No. Take my power back and use it for the greatest good of all souls on this planet, including myself because I am them? You betcha.

I've never read the secret btw. I found the PR for it to be a very materialistic spin of some basic truths and decided not to even waste my money. But if you break the law of attraction down I believe it does work. We're talking about energy levels though, how you vibrate. Not personality or whatever, there is a difference.

I can only speak from personal experience. My journey on this path started when my life took a turn for the worst. Then I began doing research for my book. Then things started clicking. I remember being in a hotel room, away on business with books and my random notes on my desk, rubbing my eyes and declaring to myself that I had finally lost it and there's not a chance any of it could be applied to real life. I shoved the crap aside and went to bed. I slept with the TV on while I was business traveling because in a previous stop I'd had a really freaky nightmare and couldn't do without something in the background. So, I turn it on some random channel, mute it and pass out. I woke up at some point in the middle of the night and the Matrix was on. The scene that was playing was where Neo is looking out the car door at the long dark road ahead and Trinity is letting loose some profound words of wisdom. I found that an incredibly synchronistic, kind of duh moment. And I can say nothing but good things about where my life has taken me since I've stepped on this path. It's only gotten better. I intend that it will only get better still. I see glimpse's of magic every day. But I promise, when I start seeing the Fairies and the Elemental's and the Salamanders I'll go get a cat scan to make sure I don't have some weird tumor before I come back and tell you about it :D

Thanks for engaging me in this awesome discussion!

Namaste & Espavo

Thanks for your comments. I think it is wonderful that you are able to lie on the grass and feel how wonderful existence is! We should all be more like that!

You might be interested in some stuff I've written on co-creation. My feeling is that here in our physical bodies we are not "all powerful" and that collective or group intention can override individual intention:


We create our lives to a certain extent, but God throws in some elements of chaos and surprise to keep us on our toes. Video games are fun because they have conflict and challenge; our lives are not set up to give us everything we want easily for that very reason.

we are ALL sopposed to live from the HEART and have compassion and understanding for where everyone is in their own journeys...nobody should judge each other. Have compassion and understanding for each individual. What may be the truth for you may not be for everyone.


Hi Stephanie, 30/10/10
With what I have learned over the past 12 years since moving to New Zealand from England, I agree more with what you write about. Many experiences and what I intuit and feel on a deep heart and spiritual level have brought my understanding to a clearer knowing for me. That I am here to clear myself. By doing so, those around me change. I know this to be true as I have experienced many situations where I have gone through healings, which my family were unaware of. My eldest daughter being the most aware, would ask me if I had done anything different around a certain time of that day. She usually experiences energy shifts. I am the one in my family doing spiritual work on a daily basis. ( I enjoy it so much. It's become so natural to me its like play) As I do what I do, my family gain the gifts. At first I felt a little miffed by this; as I was the one doing the work, and have suffered greatly in many ways. Now I know differently. As I said its been 12 yrs since I started my main work. I have experienced and witnessed many changes in myself and others enough to know how much of what I do benefits all concerned. We all gain from each other. My family is not perfect; I love them deeply and want the best for them. I couldn’t 'leave' them behind. I have had 'spiritual people, wanting me to leave my negative energy family. Husband, three daughters and eight grandchildren, who are all multisensory. Yes, they and I can be negative. That was the way for our families. I saw this many years ago and wanted change, so I set about finding ways to do so. I do understand why people say to leave negative people. It can and has been hard being around negativity. But the more I experience and clear; the more I know that I help others just by being around them. As with the many masters; who have been, and are here, raise the consciousnesses of those around them. We too affect the minds of those around us. So what better than clearing and evolving ourselves; while being around those who aren't. Seeds are being planted, then people choose!
Love and Light from Pat G.

on the last sentence you wrote here....who was claiming to be "enlightened" and who was "getting upset"? it seem that the statement just implied that maybe you should not judge what you do not understand ;)!

I am experiencing ascension symptoms and I do feel special about it sometimes. Most of the time I feel irrelevant. You can't possibly understand because you are not experiencing it. It's a long process of purging and purifying your whole being. Many of the symptoms ease with time or go away completely. I still feel like shit and that's a fact. But what you failed to mention is the good side of ascension. Nobody would believe in its symptoms if there were no positive benefits to it. Honestly I experienced such intense happiness for some time that I have never experienced in my entire life. What the world calls happiness is suffering compared to that. Yes you also experience bliss occasionally even in the early stages of ascension. You also feel more compassionate for people and all living things. You can't even squash the tiniest bug. You begin to experiences oneness. Its a process. You don't just snap your fingers and become Jesus or whatever man. You still have ego. The people who are experiencing it now are just like babies learning to walk and adjusting to their new environment.

".....Furthermore, while I do realize a lot of horrible things happen here, I honestly don't think the current earth is all that bad. In fact, I kinda like it. I like it a lot.

If you are feeling the desire to escape your pain through an "ascension" that's always in some imagined future, maybe it's time to take a good look at your here and now...."

Yeah right. You should try to live in a troubled country.

Everything is about personal choices.

These symptoms are the same as those who are affected by the chemtrails/HAARP electro-magnetic frequency waves. Research what electro-magnetic frequency waves will do to interfere with our own frequency. Look at what happened in China, Haitti and Christchurch, New Zealand with ongoing earthquakes for days and weeks to see what ELFs will do to the earth. Naturally occuring quakes do not have over 750 aftershocks as we're experiencing in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. We are on the same frequency as the earth. We are not meant to be bombarded with too many electrical frequencies that interfere with our brain waves. Just look at the affect of the emps coming from television combined with all the other electricity flowing everywhere. This changes moods, thoughts and behaviours. HAARP stands for 'HIGH Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. High frequencies would make our minds race, causing difficulty focussing. Ascension would be the opposite - clarity, focus, centeredness.

All these symptoms are happening to me. It all started with
a download of knowledge that came out of nowhere. I would
doubt it very much if it had not happened to me.

To me it all boils down to vibration and magnetics. Its scientificly proven that earths vibration is increasing and the magnetics is decreasing. You can check for yourself, the shuman resonance, or the zero point theory. So we all have an aura right, electromagnetic field around us, including us, we also just particles. So if you put the two together, scientificly it says the stronger one should entrain the other. Soooo there you go, bobs your uncle, just that the entraining is a process, causing reactions between energies...hence the symptoms.tadaa...because we all know the aura affects the chakras right, and the chakras affect the body via endocrine glands, organs lets see. Earths magnetics and frequency affecting our aura, then body, causing symptoms. Wow howd that happen? Well if you really like to know whats happening around you and with you, then youl find out, that the earth is moving through the photon belt...whats that? Its a band of light particles, also we moving closer to a masive galactic alighnment with alceon, thats a star in pleadese cluster. So all these energies must be going somewhere...hmmmm...and that would be earth. Yes, and that has made my body have symptoms of M.S to depresion, omg hormone imbalance...see endocrine system. I think our weakest organs get affected the most, then that reflects what personal issues we have to deal with through reading the chakras, from this life or past lives. Im freakin 23 and clearing past life issues that have caried through relationships in this life...and its so crapy, i wana go out enjoy my life, have fun, to things you do in your twenties...but it does pass, the exhaustion, sensitivity to everything, the emotional purging that seems endless, the being out of your body and in your mind thing, urgh, i may be young but this is happening and its very real, a homeopath i see is stund by all the things il have imbalanced then a few months later im well. Iv also thought... but hey im so young, still a baby like the homeopath says, but then i come to my senses, age is just a number but how old is the soul? Not everybody is ready to leave the old systems and rituals behind. I think my generation will help with that. :) starseeds, indigos, etc