Affordable Cloth Pads on eBay

  • Posted on: 22 April 2011
  • By: mokshalom

More and more women are choosing reusable cloth menstrual pads over disposable pads and tampons. Reusable cloth pads are better for the environment and surprisingly more comfortable than commercial menstrual pads. And, with concerns over dioxin in tampons, cloth pads are safer too.

Cloth pads require an upfront initial investment, however, and you could spend $100-200 getting your pads. There are some great, inexpensive cloth pad shops on eBay. The nice thing about the price of these pads is that you can test them out without a large upfront investment. Here are a few cloth pad shops on eBay I've tried:

Cindy's Cloth
Cindy's Cloth offers really high quality cotton-top pads. They are extremely well-made and comfortable. Many cloth-pads are topped with fuzzy flannel - but, especially in hot weather, cotton is more comfortable.

MonoMio's Cloth Pad Shop
MonoMio offers super thin pantiliners - practically paper thin. Since so many other cloth pads shops offer pantiliners that are really small pads, not liners, MonoMio offers an alternative for those who just want a very thin lining for spotting days. These pads do not come with their own wings - they are inserted into separate wings. I have found that they work either with or without wings, with the wings providing extra stability and protection.

Whimsey_1's Pads
These are some of the cheapest pads you'll find anywhere, and they end up being less than $2 per pad because she sells them in packages of five or six with free shipping. This is a great bargain! The pads are cute with many colors and designs, but two caveats: One is that she's a smoker and so you will need to wash out the smoke smell when you get the pads (the smell wasn't overpowering to me and seemed to be mixed with some sort of powdered scent) - but you really should wash any pads you buy first anyway. Second, compared to some other makers of cloth pads, Whimsey_1's sewing skills are a little sloppy. But the pads are sturdy and you won't be looking at them while wearing them anyway. These two minor issues are worth it when you consider the price.

Gentle Cycle Pads
This pads shop has one product that they sell: a cute pantiliner/small pad offered in a variety of colorful cloths. These pads do not come with a PUL liner, which is a waterproof liner many pad manufacturers include to prevent leakage. The benefit of no PUL liner is that the pad is more breathable.


Can’t imagine washing the whole bloody pad hahaha… Like i said, when sometimes it came without warning, it’s already a dread to wash that bloody panties don’t even say the whole bloody pad -.- and imagine carrying the soiled pad in the bag everywhere you go when you haven’t have the chance to go home to wash. ARG! Still so gross hahaha… There is no way to put into washing machine before you at least clean it which it’s such bloody thing to do else the blood would be mixed with other clothes in the washing machine. If only wash it alone in washing machine, it’s not really environmental friendly also hahaha… So at the end, wash with hand

It’s good for environment but hahaha really cannot imagine the whole bloody thing. What most important is that, as long that you are comfortable with whichever one, just stick to it. It’s not a must anyway, people cannot force you to use it hahaha…

Thanks, Henry from mystery shopper agency

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