About Mokshalom

Welcome to Mokshalom, formerly Feel Good Girl. The new site name reflects its new purpose - to promote spiritual liberation. How? Mokshalom aims to increase awareness with insightful articles and resources, assist in self-actualization through holistic tools and training, and challenge old patterns of thought with new ideas and information.

We're living in precarious times, where the world is on the brink of WWIII and the police state is a growing threat to personal liberty. Mokshalom is not one of those "New Age" websites that it going to pretend that problems don't exist or that we can "think" our major challenges away. Mokshalom is dedicated to promoting authentic spirituality, not quick fixes or just "feel good" pablum. (This is one of the reasons the site needed a name change!) Prepare to be challenged and hopefully inspired.

MOKSHALOM is the combination of three words:

MOKSHA - A Sanskrit term from yoga meaning "liberation" and specifically liberation from spiritual attachments and darkness to achieve enlightenment.

SHALOM - A Hebrew word meaning "peace" as well as good health, harmony, and good will.

OM - A mantra from yoga is supposedly the primordial sound of the universe, it represents the union of mind, body, and spirit and is another word for "God."

MOKSHALOM means the peaceful liberation of the individual spirit from negative personal attachments and external coercion and tyranny through connection with God.